SmartPodX Tour:

    Redefining Immersion Cooling


    SmartpodX Tour- RedefiningImmersion Cooling | Immersion Cooling technology


    Introducing the SmartPodX, the latest addition to our SmartPod lineup of hyper-efficient cooling systems

    The SmartPodX technology is meant to:

    1. Redefine the concept of Immersion Cooling
    2. Allow you to achieve unrivalled density: more than 100kW in the space of two traditional racks

    Submer's solution can be easily deployed in new and already existing datacenters, by just connecting it to the water loops of the datacenter. Its design (no chiller or compressor needed) and the use of the SmartCoolant specifically designed for Immersion Cooling, allow to achieve a PUE better than 1.03 anywhere in the world, also in harsh climate regions.

    The SmartPodX has all the advantages of our previous SmartPods, but has been built to comply with Open Compute Project (OCP) specifications for High Performance Computing (supercomputers) and Hyperscale environments.

    The SmartPodX brings two additional innovations to market

    Cool-Swap and SmartLift are the two additional innovations to market:


    The SmartPodX is the first Immersion Cooling system to place the Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) inside the fluid as a modular component. This is important because the CDU becomes quickly replaceable, if needed, without interrupting the servers at all.


    The SmartPodX is built to seamlessly integrate with our SmartLift server lift. The SmartLift runs on a dedicated rail system along the front of your entire SmartPod installation — allowing engineers and techs to easily access computers and servers for replacement or maintenance. It also works with the innovative CDU.

    SmartPodX: Delivering unprecedented levels of compute efficiency to your datacenter.